Claudia Smith

Research Project

Fitness Influencer Marketing: Exploring the Impact of Body Image Representation


Hi! My name is Claudia Smith, and I’m a fourth-year Professional Communication student here at Toronto Metropolitan University. I am a creative, organized, and detail-oriented individual with extensive experience working in hospitality and communications. I have a passion for live entertainment and media relations, which I hope to pursue in the future. Additionally, I’m heavily involved in the fitness industry, which is why I decided to focus on fitness influencer marketing for my research project.

Research Summary

My research project explored the realm of fitness influencer marketing on Instagram, aiming to understand its impact on body image perceptions and consumer behaviour. Through a content analysis of posts from 25 prominent fitness influencers, I uncovered prevalent trends such as the portrayal of unrealistic body types and its relation to promotional content. These findings underscore the need for critical engagement with social media content and advocate for promoting authenticity, transparency, and supportive communities to foster a more positive online environment.

Research Poster

Lightning Talk

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