Vedanti Jiwani

Research Project

Enhancing Brand Promotion and Business Efficiency for Smiling Rocks


My name is Vedanti Jiwani, and I am a fourth-year undergraduate student majoring in Professional Communication with a minor in Business Essentials. As an international student from India, I am poised to assume leadership in my family’s diamond business, a venture that has also been the focus of my research project. I am keenly interested in networking and learning about diverse work practices and cultures. For leisure, I enjoy travelling and practicing meditation, activities that enrich my personal and professional growth.

Research Summary

This research proposal aims to identify and analyze the challenges and opportunities confronting Smiling Rocks, a premier Lab-Grown Diamond Company, in enhancing its brand promotion. This study strives to develop strategies for marketing excellence and overall business enhancement through a mixed-method approach that combines quantitative sales data analysis and qualitative inputs from the founder and chief executive, Mr. Zulu Ghevariya.

Research Poster

Lightning Talk

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