Suk, Amy

A Drug Like Social Media

Crawford, Morgan

The Mental Health of Retired Athletes

Little, Clare

How Outdoor Workers’ Perceptions of Their Boss Impacts Their Daily Productivity

Zerbe, Monika

Under the Influence: Childhood and Alcohol

Wex, Kyra

Movement and Its Implications on Mood, Motivation, and Productivity

Tiwana, Harlean

The Correlation Between Anxiety & Exercise

Noman, Tazreen

How Online Learning has Affected the Productivity & Mental Health of Post-Secondary Students

Arya Hemati

Hemati, Arya

Money Money Money – A world with no money

Rice, Ava

COVID-19 and the Rise of Social Media Use: The Negative Mental Health Implications of Increased Instagram Usage

Boyle, Madelaine

Work Ethic, Regular Exercise, and Academic Achievement: Which Causes Which?

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