Signify 2021

Suk, Amy

A Drug Like Social Media

Crawford, Morgan

The Mental Health of Retired Athletes

Little, Clare

How Outdoor Workers’ Perceptions of Their Boss Impacts Their Daily Productivity

Zerbe, Monika

Under the Influence: Childhood and Alcohol

Wex, Kyra

Movement and Its Implications on Mood, Motivation, and Productivity

Tiwana, Harlean

The Correlation Between Anxiety & Exercise

Noman, Tazreen

How Online Learning has Affected the Productivity & Mental Health of Post-Secondary Students

Arya Hemati

Hemati, Arya

Money Money Money – A world with no money

Rice, Ava

COVID-19 and the Rise of Social Media Use: The Negative Mental Health Implications of Increased Instagram Usage

Boyle, Madelaine

Work Ethic, Regular Exercise, and Academic Achievement: Which Causes Which?

Sara Zivkovic headshot

Zivkovic, Sara

Remote Learning’s Effect on Ryerson Students’ Mental Health

Waldman, Laina

The Relationship Between Quarantine and Anxiety

Krafczek, Victoria

Regular Physical Activity and Focus Levels in University Students

Fluxgold, Hannah

Does Owning A Dog Reduce Your Anxiety?

Lacuesta, Cathryn

The Effects of Lockdown on The Sleep and Mental Health of Canadians