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Hemati, Arya

About me

I’m Arya Hemati, a 23 year old undergraduate¬†student at Ryerson majoring in Professional Communications. I took a leap in this field because of the opportunity it gave me to step outside of my comfort zone and speak in front¬†of a large mass. In hopes of one day selling our arenas and performing my music, this seemed like the right step in terms of achieving my goals in music.



Imagine a world where money was just an object, just – paper. This study takes a dive into the idea of Utopian life of trade and borrow as opposed to buy and sell. Studies in terms of surveys have been done and showed that more people would be interested in transitioning into this new era as it would increase the odds of individuals following their passions as opposed to working “that” job because of the income. The use of the survey was a means of gathering quantitative data, asking questions that range between open enders and yes or no’s. My intentions were to simply open the eyes of those who maybe might not have realized that money is not the purest form of happiness, and that a life of pure joy is waiting for them.

Lightning Talk

Project Tags

money, utopia, greatness


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