Under the Influence: Childhood and Alcohol


Zerbe, Monika

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Moving from Poland to BC, Monika Zerbe prides herself on adaptability, multi-cultural experiences and making friends wherever she goes. Professional Communication acted as an integral stepping stone for all of these passions to flourish. The last four years in the big city of Toronto have been the most formative and illuminating years of her life, as she now wraps up her final year of undergraduate studies with a double minor in both Public Relations and Law. Monika holds her passion for sustainability and business to a high degree, as after she graduates she hopes to pursue a career in the legal sector, with a focus on corporate social responsibility. In her free time, Monika can be seen working on her skills in the kitchen, as she has been considered by her peers and family to be quite the epicure. As of March 2021, she has applied to four culinary schools hoping to fuel this passion project of hers.



This project dives into answering whether or not there is a correlation between one’s upbringing and their relationship with alcohol; specifically, the correlative relationship between the attitudes and experiences of early childhood and how that impacts adult relationships with alcohol. This topic is relevant in regards to addiction, parenthood and the social normality that alcohol has become in our culture. The aim of this study is to determine a relationship between the early childhood experiences/approaches to alcohol of participants, and the attitude they have towards the substance today. By exploring this relationship through a narrative surveying approach, I hope to uncover potential issues and attitudes that can develop as alcohol consumption becomes a standardized and normalized practice.

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alcohol; childhood; parenthood; addiction; health

Monika Zerbe

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