Work Ethic, Regular Exercise, and Academic Achievement: Which Causes Which?


Boyle, Madelaine

About me

Madelaine is an ambitious and outgoing fourth-year Professional Communications student minoring in Public Relations. Lover of all things art and design, she is currently diversifying her skill set by interning at a small cybersecurity firm.



This study explores the relationship between regular exercise, academic achievement, and strong work ethic in post-secondary students. Literature suggests a strong link between regular exercise and academic achievement, but it is still unclear whether or not this link exists because of physiological processes or because people who regularly exercise simply tend to have a stronger work ethic in all areas of their lives, including academics. By using a questionnaire to collect both qualitative (aptitude-style test, open-ended questions) and quantitative data (hours spent exercising, GPA), I aim to uncover a clearer picture of the relationship between exercise, academic achievement, and work ethic. 

So far, I’ve uncovered these emergent themes:

  • Fear of failure/underachievement
  • Exercise as a coping mechanism
  • Exercise as a positive tone-setter
  • Exercise as the last priority
  • Exercise for routine and structure

Lightning Talk

Project Tags

mental health; academics

Work ethic, regular exercise, and academic achievement: Which causes which?

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