Movement and Its Implications on Mood, Motivation, and Productivity


Wex, Kyra

About me

My name is Kyra Wex, a driven and dedicated fourth year student at Ryerson University, majoring in Professional Communication coupled with a completed minor in Psychology.

Communicating, connecting, and understanding individuals represent my core strengths. I have a passion for working with people and aspire to work in a discipline that allows me to set the conditions for others to maximize their potential. Having the opportunity to choose a program which focuses on effective and successful communication across a variety of contexts has equipped me with fundamental knowledge to deliver clear and meaningful messaging when it matters most. The next academic chapter I will embark on is a master’s degree in Industrial Relations and Human Resources. It is unfathomable that this momentous chapter in my life will be coming to an end within a month, however, I am eager to advance my academia and career objectives in a field that offers excitement, challenge, and fulfillment.



The purpose of this research study is to investigate various types of movement and its implications on mood, motivation and productivity. Evidently, COVID-19 has been a major disrupter, resulting in significant drops in the health and wellbeing of many, coupled with productivity and motivation levels plummeting. With this in mind, the need for coping strategies remains to be at the forefront of healthy societal functioning during these uncertain circumstances. Given our current reality, this body of research is in demand for growth and development, and as such I am delving deeper from existing research and identifying insights pertaining to the timing, type, and duration of movement that yields optimal mood, motivation, and productivity results.

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Project Tags

COVID-19; Movement; Exercise; Mental Health; Wellbeing; Mood; Motivation; Productivity;

Movement and its Implications on Mood, Motivation, and Productivity

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