How Online Learning has Affected the Productivity & Mental Health of Post-Secondary Students


Noman, Tazreen

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Tazreen Noman is a fourth-year Professional Communication student with minors in English and Sociology. Tazreen is 21 years old and is from Scarborough, Ontario. She is passionate about social media and marketing, and hopes to pursue a career in that industry after graduation. Throughout her time as a ProCom student, she has acquired and developed several skills such as customer service, event planning, and social media coordination through school and extra-curricular activities including being a member of the ProCom Course Union. She hopes to leverage and build on these diverse skills further as she begins her future career.



Tazreen’s research project focuses on how online learning has affected the productivity and mental health of post-secondary students over the past year. The study investigates whether online learning has supported or hindered the productivity and the time invested into academia of post-secondary students as well as whether it has affected their mental health. Tazreen hopes that through her research, she can help to explain the consequences of online learning in a way that may help students, educators, and any other stakeholders of post-secondary institutions learn from this experience. She believes that this research will help to find methods that can assist with any issues that have emerged due to the circumstances. Additionally, investigating the effects will also modernize existing research on digital tools and new technology within the academic environment in a way that connects and relates to our current environment and society as an outcome of COVID-19.

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post-secondary education, online learning, digital tools, mental health, productivity

How Online Learning has Affected the Productivity and Mental Health of Post-Secondary Students

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