How Outdoor Workers’ Perceptions of Their Boss Impacts Their Daily Productivity


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My name is Clare Little, and I am fourth year Professional Communication student at Ryerson University who is very excited to be graduating this month! I currently work for the City of Quinte West (my hometown) in the Communications Department as a Social Media Coordinator. I am very excited to be working in my field, and I feel as though my time in the Professional Communication program has been insightful and has adequately prepared me for my position. Although I have yet to pinpoint exactly where I want to be in my career, I am happy where I am now and excited to see where it will take me. Any position that has me working collaboratively with my coworkers, communicating with others, or problem solving will be an enjoyable one for me.



My research project explores the realm of boss-employee relationships amongst outdoor workers. One of the main questions I was hoping to answer was if the outdoor workers’ perceptions of their boss impacted their daily productivity or not. As of now, over 50 outdoor workers have completed my online survey, questioning different aspects of their feelings towards their management. The results have been a little more staggered than I expected, as many different workers from different fields of outdoor labour participated. The results revealed that while 85% of participants said that they liked their boss, 25% admitted to slacking off at work just to spite their boss. I am excited to analyze more of the survey results!

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