Batitis, Kamilla

The Influence of Social Media and Fake News on the Public’s Perception of COVID-19

Ball, Amelia

Social Media Identities for Millennials & Gen-Z Within the Workplace

Anwar, Aysha

Immune or Exposed? Generation Z and Perceptions of Misinformation on Social Media

Amelia Leney's Signify profile picture

Leney, Amelia

Generational Differences in Media Literacy and its Effects on News Consumption

Photo of a Ryerson female student in a grey background

Conde, Sara

How are Fad Diets and Social Media Affecting Body Image and Eating Disorders of Users?

Burling, Bridget

Instagram Influencers’ Impact on Young Women

Carpenter, Cailyn

Improving Content Creators Revenue Streams

Asuako, Isabel

Social Media and the Effect on Self-Esteem and Body Satisfaction

Pasternak, Lauren

Instagram and Body Image

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