Social Media and the Effect on Self-Esteem and Body Satisfaction


Asuako, Isabel

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Isabel Asuako is a fourth year student at Ryerson University studying Professional Communication with a minor in Public Relations. Some of her interests include social media, sports, and law. Over the course of her four years in the Professional Communication program, she has acquired a lot of tools and knowledge that she will be using throughout her professional career. In the next year, Isabel will be attending law school where she hopes to merge her interests in social media and sports with the law.



The topic of this research project focuses on social media, specifically visually based applications and how they affect the self-esteem and body satisfaction of young women aged 18-25. The question this project looks to answer is what the correlation between social media and self-esteem/body satisfaction is. Using a quantitative form of research, a survey was conducted that yielded 122 respondents. Important findings from this research revealed that indeed social media, specifically Instagram is affecting the self-esteem and body satisfaction of young women aged 18-25.

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socialmedia; instagram; selfesteem; bodysatisfaction; women; bodypositivity;

Social media and the effect on self-esteem and body satisfaction

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