Instagram Influencers’ Impact on Young Women


Burling, Bridget

About me

Bridget is a fourth year Professional Communication student at Ryerson University. She will be graduating in June 2021. Bridget’s research is focused on Instagram Influencers and social media. She is interested in how their online lives impact their in-person lives. Bridget will be starting her Master’s in Public Relations from Mount Saint Vincent online while working full time in Communications and Public Relations at a Toronto hospital.



Bridget’s capstone project looks at Instagram Influencers’ impact on young women through a feminist perspective. This project investigates the connection between these influencers and their audience, in this case, women between the ages of 18-23 to see their impact. This research project explores the negative effects of Instagram Influencers on young women by looking at factors such as anxiety, depression, body dissatisfaction, and jealousy. Based on the research, there is a strong correlation between Instagram Influencers and feelings of anxiety, depression, body dissatisfaction, and jealousy for women between the ages of 18-23 while viewing their posts or stories on Instagram.

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Project Tags

mental health, anxiety, depression, body dissatisfaction, jealousy, instagram, influencers

Instagram Influencers Impact on Young Women

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