Social Media Identities for Millennials & Gen-Z Within the Workplace


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Amelia Ball is attempting to wrap up her final year in her Undergraduate program of Professional Communication at Ryerson University, in Vancouver BC. She is also minoring in Business Management. Amelia is also the Publisher of a RAD, a lifestyle brand that focuses on exploring photography, fashion, and design. Amelia is passionate about people and the arts, she also wants to normalize treating spreadsheets as a design project. She plans to focus on media, marketing, and advertisement after she graduates.



As the tail end of Millennials enter the workforce and Generation-Z begins to follow suit, it is imperative to remember that these are two generations who have no recollection of a time before the Internet. This study aims to quantify how younger generations learn, communicate, work professionally and establish boundaries apart from their personal life. The rise of social media has allowed for the ability to develop and disseminate information instantly, making it a useful tool for those who want to extend their reach professionally. 

While this issue is fairly complex and new to the 21st century, through conducting quantitative research and analyzing specific mixed methods, one can begin to draw back the curtain and develop an understanding regarding the relationships Millennials and Generation Z have with social media. 

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Amelia Ball

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