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Carpenter, Cailyn

About me

Cailyn is a fourth-year Professional Communication student with a minor in English and Philosophy. During her undergrad, she found the most interest in Social Media, Strategic Public Relations, and Brand-Building. Currently, Cailyn works for her own Content Creator brand by doing recording, scheduling, scripting, editing, graphic design, payroll, social media management, and relations with both the audience as well as patrons. She is the Brand Manager for MurderOfBirds and his channel with 100,000 subscribers. Cailyn will continue these pursuits post-graduation.



This case study was about how content creators can maintain their Patreon, YouTube Membership, and Twitch Subscriber revenue streams while converting their non-paying fans to paying patrons. It was hoped that not only would a method be created that could be applied to other content creators, but also that from the findings could arise solutions the case study content creator could apply. As a whole, what was found were concerns about a lack of consistency, communication, clearness on the reward tiers as well as overall want for more variety in terms of content. Solutions were implemented to solve these problems, such as creating a patron-only video schedule, rewriting the tiers to be more clear, writing posts to communicate more frequently, and creating a list of the most highly requested content.

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Cailyn Carpenter's Capstone Project

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