Totonchian, Leila

Taking a Look at Ontario’s Sex-Ed Curriculum

Visconti, Amelia

Education at a Distance: Student Perceptions of Online Learning During a Global Pandemic

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Sumar, Inaara

Perpetuating Transphobia In Ontario Public Schools

Lewis - Joseph , Taelor

The Upgrade: An Investigation on the Future of Assessment for Primary School Children

Pronska, Karina

The Impacts of Online Learning on Student Engagement and Performance

Personality and Zoom Behaviour Research Poster

Honiball, Leah

A Personality Psychology Approach to a Novel Phenomenon

Reece, Karlee

Effectiveness of D2L Brightspace according to Ryerson students

Toti, Lauren

Investigating the Effects of Children’s E-Learning on Parents’ COVID-19 Experience

Yushina, Polina

Let’s Go to the AGO: An Examination of Youth Attitudes Toward High Art and Arts Education in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area

Zuk, Charly

Examining Academic Capitalism

This post looks at factors that affect the enrolment of Indigenous Identifying folk in post-secondary education in Ontario. It talks about findings and measures.

Singh, Vedika

Post-Secondary Education & Indigeneity: A Case Study

Ghazarian, Karni

Students and Online Learning

De Rose, Emma

Exploring a New Reality: The Shift to Online Learning and It’s Impact on Student Performance and Engagement