Perpetuating Transphobia In Ontario Public Schools


Sumar, Inaara

About me

Hello! My name is Inaara Sumar and I am a fourth year Professional Communications student with a minor in Fashion. I began my journey at Ryerson as an English major before switching into Pro Com in my second year. I am interested in fashion communications, gender studies, and marketing. Following graduation, I hope to find a position at a marketing or communications firm. 



In 2019, Ontario revised it’s curriculum to be more inclusive of different genders and sexual orientations. In addition to this, the curriculum implemented new policies around discrimination and consent. Though this change to curriculum appears to be extremely inclusive; the question remains as to if these policies will actually be enforced, and if the changes made will be enough to stop the perpetuation of gendered discrimination. Through this research project I hope to answer this question, as well as uncover areas of the education system that are flawed, in order to allow for improvement. 

Lightning Talk

Project Tags

education; gender; discrimination; LGBTQ+

Perpetuating Transphobia in Ontario Public Schools

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