Effectiveness of D2L Brightspace according to Ryerson students


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Karlee is a Professional Communication graduate with minors in French and Communication Design from Ryerson University. Her personal and educational experiences have allowed her to surround herself with positive role models and to learn the rewards of having a positive impact. It is the desire to have a positive impact and to make a difference that energizes Karlee and encouragers her to continue to develop herself and her leadership.

She has a wide range of skills from her past school, work and extra-curricular experiences including graphic/web design, leadership, quality assurance and digital communications. She looks forward to launching her career as a Communications and Digital Media Coordinator with the Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre.



This research project investigated D2L Brightspace (online learning platform)and whether Ryerson students considered it effective. Students were surveyed with the expectation of determining what they did and did not like about D2L features and then asked for their overall rating as to whether they believed D2L was an effective platform. Out of 93 respondents, 89.2% rated the platform as effective.

Future research could be to work directly with Ryerson and/or D2L to further expand on student suggestions and feedback.

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Project Tags

education; online learning; instructional design; design; digital media

Effectiveness of D2L Brightspace according to Ryerson University students

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