The Impacts of Online Learning on Student Engagement and Performance


Pronska, Karina

About me

I’m a fourth year Professional Communication student minoring in Criminology at Ryerson University. Thus far, I’ve acquired workplace experiences in marketing, social media, communications, coaching, program management, and administrative health care. 

I currently work as a Social Media Communications intern at a Toronto-based beauty brand and as a Mass Immunization Clinic Administrative Clerk for the City of Toronto. These experiences have guided my interest in working for the public sector upon graduation and have compelled me to pursue a career that is fulfilling, meaningful and impactful.



This research seeks to investigate the effects of online learning, emerging as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, on Ryerson university students’ engagement and performance levels. To achieve these findings, the report will highlight internal and external factors that contribute to successful online learning experiences, such as professors’ teaching methods, course formats, personal motivations, and appropriate work settings, among others. 

At this stage of the report, data has been collected from observational methods, student questionnaires, and semi-structured interviews. This research plans to reveal the gaps of an online curriculum and provide meaningful suggestions for future course deliveries by merging students’ impressions with prior research on effective remote learning formats.

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Project Tags

education; online learning; technology; academic; ryerson; pandemic; engagement; performance

The Impacts of Online Learning on Student Engagement and Performance

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