Taking a Look at Ontario’s Sex-Ed Curriculum


Totonchian, Leila

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Leila Totonchian is wrapping up her final year in her Undergraduate program of Professional Communication at Ryerson University. With interests in media, fashion, and education, Leila is eager to get into the working world!



The sex-ed subject in Ontario has been a constant debate between the government, teachers, parents, and students. When Doug Ford became Ontario’s Premier, he reverted to the 1998 sex-ed curriculum. With lots of pushback from Canadians, Ford unveiled a new curriculum similar to the old Liberal curriculum introduced by Kathleen Wynne. All young Canadians should learn from a curriculum that is positive and inclusive. Although a new curriculum is in place, many topics are overlooked, introduced later in the primary grades, or not included at all.

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Education; Sex-Ed; Health

Taking a Look at Ontario's Sex-Ed Curriculum

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