Kayla Cho

Research Project

The Social Score: Investigating the Impact of User-Generated Playlists on the Spotify Listening Experience


Kayla is a fourth-year Professional Communications student double minoring in Marketing and Communication Design. Throughout her academic and professional career, she has developed a strong foundation in crafting compelling narratives and understanding consumer behaviour. Her previous experience includes marketing for Rising Action Publishing Collective and Rise of Entertainment. Looking ahead, she is excited to continue applying her skills to the corporate communications and marketing sectors.

Research Summary

This research project seeks to investigate if Spotify’s approach to user-generated playlists positively impacts its user experience when discovering music. By identifying what factors contribute to the decision to share and listen to such playlists, one can discern user-generated content’s potential to enhance a streaming service’s platform. This was done by questioning what specific themes of user-generated playlists Spotify users searched for, and if such playlists encouraged social interaction within the larger Spotify user base. To do so, the project conducted two studies: a social media content analysis utilizing subreddit threads to analyze the top themes, and a triangulation of Spotify API data to verify if these findings were relevant within the greater Spotify database.

Research Poster

Lightning Talk

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