Armed and Dangerous: The Rise in K-Pop Fan Culture

Armed and Dangerous: The Rise in K-Pop Fan Culture

Abby Waldman


Hi! My name is Abby Waldman and I am a fourth-year professional communication student with a double minor in marketing and public relations. I have a genuine passion for creating and generating content. I am also the social media lead for Signify, a time I have enjoyed immensely as I was blessed to be able to work with a group of people as dedicated and passionate about the event as I am!

Research Summary

For my research, I am focusing on fan culture, specifically looking at the K-Pop fandom and analyzing its reach and influence on mainstream culture. K-pop, which stands for Korean pop music. Its fans are a global and driving force on issues such as social justice and political activism. They are also one of the largest financial music industries, with it being valued at approximately $5 billion U.S. dollars. Through this, I investigate the hierarchies within the k-pop community and the power these fandoms hold with their abilities to use mass media to persuade certain outcomes. In doing so, I also expose some of the toxicity within the fandom regarding the ideas surrounding “Idols” and the need to defend them.


Music, Culture, Society, Media

Lightning Talk

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