Evaluating Animal Shelter Adoption Methods

Evaluating Animal Shelter Adoption Methods

Elyse Belsey


Hi there! My name is Elyse Belsey, and I am a fourth-year student in the Professional Communications program at Toronto Metropolitan University. I have extensive experience working in social media and communications, and I hope to continue to find new ways to creatively contribute to the field.

Research Summary

Evaluating Animal Shelter Adoption Methods discusses what methods and techniques animal shelters are currently using when adopting out animals and how they can improve their current operational standards. This project will use qualitative research to analyze interview techniques employed by animal shelters and the success of each one. It will then utilize the coding method of research to determine reoccurring themes that animal shelters can introduce to support their communities and future adopters. By increasing support for current and future adopters, we can keep pets out of shelters and instead happy and healthy at home.


Animals, Society

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