How do post-secondary institutions nurture creativity in their students?

How do post-secondary institutions nurture creativity in their students?

Braden Sykora


My name is Braden Sykora, and I am wrapping up my last year of a professional communications degree at Toronto Metropolitan University. I have always been captivated by the power of creativity and the mechanisms that drive it. Throughout my academic career, I have had the opportunity to explore different aspects of creativity, whether that be through visual design, writing, or multi-media storytelling. My passion for creativity stems from its ability to transform, inspire change, and challenge the status quo. I believe that creativty is a fundamental skill that students should actively work on, and our post-secondary institutions should be leading the charge. With my capstone project, I hope to shed light on the ways in which post-secondary institutions can nurture creativity among their students and create a more vibrant and innovative learning environment.

Research Summary

This capstone project aims to investigate the ways in which post-secondary institutions nurture creativity among their students. Through a systematic quantitative literature review, the project aims to identify current practices and determine what additional steps can be taken to better support students’ creative output. The project explores the significance of creativity in the learning experience, the benefits of nurturing creativity, and the potential impact on student’s personal and professional development. The research findings will provide recommendations for post-secondary institutions to promote students’ creative output and promote a more innovative learning environment.


Education, Student life

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