The Press and Nuclear Energy

Jacob Arsenault


Jacob (he/him) is in his final year of professional communication with a minor in marketing at X University, previously known as Ryerson. He finds a particular interest in ecology, environment conservation, and physics, therefore looking to peruse a career in science communication and knowledge translation after graduating. With French as his mother tongue, completing his secondary education in the francophone school system, having an English post-secondary education was of highest importance to him so as to further develop his bilingual abilities.

Research Summary

The Press and Nuclear Energy studied the perspective within which nuclear energy is framed in major Canadian news media outlets. Conducting research on the functioning, risks, and opportunities brought forth by nuclear energy, this was then compared its representation in the press. As Canada develops a further reliance to nuclear as a tactic to reduce carbon emissions in the face of the climate crisis, nuclear must be well understood and presented to the public. By comparing nuclear energy’s media coverage to its risks and opportunities, the public’s overall perception of nuclear may then be understood.


nuclear; energy; news; media; perception; sustainability; green

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