TikTok and Health Anxiety

Sonia Bragança


Hi! My name is Sonia Bragança (she/her) and I’m in my 4th year of ProCom with minors in French, Public Relations, and Communication Design with professional experience in digital marketing. Outside of school my hobbies include traveling, reading, and graphic design.

Research Summary

With the popular use of TikTok, there’s no doubt there will be mental health repercussions as with any social media however with its advanced algorithm, that can have unforeseen consequences in a user’s health anxiety. Take for example, when a neuro-typical user sees a video sharing tips on coping with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) on their video feed that is specifically curated for them, the user might begin to think they actually have OCD. My research is looking to answer the following question; Is there a correlation between length of time spent on TikTok and an individual’s level of health anxiety? Additionally, Does TikTok cause individuals to self-diagnose mental illnesses? This research proposal includes the area of research, the methodologies to be used, the data analysis plan as well as other important details for my applied research study. 



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