Best Practices on Pinterest for Wellness Bloggers

Jessica Jokham


Jessica Jokham is a fourth year Professional Communication student at Ryerson University with a minor in Communication Design. She is passionate about designing a lifestyle that allows her to express her creativity through different mediums such as journaling, painting, blogging, and Pinterest. During her undergraduate experience, she developed skills in strategic storytelling, graphic design, and public relations. Upon graduation, she hopes to utilize these skills within a career of social media marketing and creative communications.






Research Summary

Jessica’s capstone project focuses on studying the Best Practices on Pinterest for Wellness Bloggers. This research aims to solve one of the biggest challenges bloggers face – building a brand presence. Over the past year, Pinterest reports have indicated a high increase in searches surrounding the wellness community. A content analysis is currently in progress to decode common themes found amongst wellness bloggers that have generated over 100k monthly viewers on their Pinterest profile. Recommendations will be provided on how to formulate Pin images, Pin descriptions, and any other relevant features to fully optimize the Pinterest profile of a wellness blogger.


wellness; blogging; pinterest;

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