The Causes of Vaccine Hesitancy and its effects on COVID-19 Vaccination Rates

Hunter Lac


My name is Hunter Lac and I’m a fourth year student majoring in Professional Communications at X University. After seeing a rise in protests against COVID-19 vaccinations across the country, I had taken an interest into the reasons as to why people were so against receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. I focused my capstone project on vaccine hesitancy and I aim to discover the various underlying causes that have been affecting COVID-19 vaccination rates.

Research Summary

My research project is focused on the causes of vaccine hesitancy and its effects on COVID-19 vaccination rates. For my research methods, I focused on analyzing the information found in scholarly journals and news articles, and my research led me to finding out that vaccine hesitancy was mainly caused by concerns about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine, misinformation, a lack of trust in authoritative figures, a lack of accessibility to the vaccine, and complacency. These factors all contribute to causing vaccine hesitancy, and the impacts of these concerns result in lower overall vaccination rates, higher risk of infection, difficulties achieving herd immunity, and ultimately makes it easier for variants to emerge.


vaccine hesitancy; vaccine; covid-19; coronavirus; healthcare

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