Social Media Influence on Selfless Deeds

Margaux Perrin


My name is Margaux Perrin, I am a fourth Professional Communications student minoring in Psychology and Public Relations. I was raised in Switzerland, and moved to Vancouver in 2011. I have a big passion for traveling, and my career goal is to become a foreign correspondence in multiple different countries.

Research Summary

This study aimed to find if there was a relationship between the participant’s willingness to partake in volunteer work and/or donate to charity if they knew they would receive social praise from social media afterwards. I wanted to see if the idea of posting about a selfless action on social media was an incentive for someone to partake in that action. In order to find this out, I sent out a survey that was completed by 56 participants. I then analyzed my data manually and by using SPSS, and my findings were that social media did not seem to be a driving force in people’s willingness to take part in volunteer work/donate to charity.


social media, volunteer, donations

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