Discovering Influencer Impacts on Food Choice

Carly Rais


Carly is a 4th year Professional Communication student with a minor in Public Relations. Throughout her undergraduate experience, she has developed a profound interest in the entertainment industry, especially in film and television. She completed her third year summer internship as a Marketing Intern at Guru Studio, a Toronto-based kids’ animation production company. For the last three years Carly has also been a part of the Ryerson Entertainment Conference (REC), first as Events Lead and now as President! On the side, Carly loves to be in the kitchen, especially to bake.

Research Summary

As someone that has spent the last two years of the pandemic scrolling through recipe videos on TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube, I always wondered if the content I consumed actually had anything to do with my eating and purchasing habits. Do I spend more money on groceries? Do I eat from restaurants less or cook more? Do I actually go through the hassle of recreating a recipe? And most importantly, do others act the same way that I do?

My capstone research project aims to answer all these questions in order to better inform marketing and PR professionals in the food industry. The research in question will help them further understand audiences and tap into the influencer market more effectively.


influencer; marketing; food

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