The Social Impact of Student Debt

The Social Impact of Student Debt

Martha Kostka


My name is Martha Kostka and I’m in my fourth year in Professional Communication at Toronto Metropolitan University. I’m currently pursuing a minor in Psychology. My passion for learning has helped me to stay engaged, motivated and driven in my studies. I believe students at all income levels should have an equal opportunity to receive an education.

Research Summary

My research study focuses on the social impact of student debt. My inspiration for my research comes from my personal experience with student debt, alongside the experiences of my fellow classmates. The average student loan debt in Canada is increasing, and its short-term and long-term effects are wide-reaching on young Canadians. Using a mixed-method approach, my goal in this study is to bring awareness to the meaning-making processes employed by the government and media to construct and potentially exacerbate the student debt issue.


Lightning Talk

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