Analyzing How Brands Market to Gen Z’s on TikTok

Analyzing How Brands Market to Gen Z’s on TikTok

Marianne Semaan


Hi! My name is Marianne. I am in my fourth year studying Professional Communication and Public Relations – which just means I like to write a lot and think of creative solutions. I have a passion for fashion, design, writing, technology and how these sectors interact within the communication world. My work experiences range from working in event planning to all things media relations. I will be continuing my career journey working in a full time marketing role starting June 2023. On my free time catch me reading a book, watching house tours on YouTube or doing some online shopping.

Research Summary

My capstone project looks at the different factors that contribute so successful brand marketing on TikTok. As TikTok has nearly taken the social media world by storm, I was interested to analyze user consumption patterns on the app, to understand what makes a user engage with a brand. To successfully answer this question, approximately 12 – 15 of the most highly engaged videos from five successful TikTok brands were collected. These TikTok brands include: Crumbl Cookie, GymShark, RyanAir, Pretty Little Thing and Elf Cosmetics. Engagement has been measured through the number of views, likes, comments and shares a video has received. These videos were placed in a code book and analyzed by their subject matter, editing, sound, shots and length. Then, I further analyzed different themes that appeared within these categories. More information about my project can be found through the website I created, linked in the description of my video below.


Branding, Marketing, Social Media

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