Monetization in Video Games: Friend or Foe?

Monetization in Video Games: Friend or Foe?

Mason Subotich


With a diverse background in science and communication, I take an analytical approach to my work. My professional interests center around the intersection of new technology and communication, especially within the gaming industry. I also have a keen interest in science communication and knowledge translation. Personally, my number one hobby and passion is video games, which I have been immersed in for most of my life. I love anything gaming related, especially the behind-the-scenes stuff that gets at the more detailed aspects of game design.

Research Summary

The way video games are monetized has evolved into a multi-faceted system of DLC, microtransactions, subscriptions, and more. However, have these systems been beneficial for the overall gaming experience? How does the consumer side of the industry feel about the current state of monetization? Through a text analysis of a collection of reviews and articles written about recent games, this research project attempts to answer this question.


Video Games, Consumers, Economy

Lightning Talk

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