The Life-changing “Medicine” in the Palm of ProComm’s Hand?

The Life-changing “Medicine” in the Palm of ProComm’s Hand?

Tarik Eltanahy


Tarik Eltanahy is in his 4th year of Professional Communication, with a minor in Public Relations at Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson). Currently, Tarik is working as a Research Assistant with Responsible Artificial Intelligence (RAI) at TMU, and hopes to continue to grow professionally and personally through this experience – and any others that may come his way. A large portion of Tarik’s time is spent exercising and finding the best ways to stay fit – with an emphasis on keeping his mind and body healthy. This passion for physical activity is something that has kept him motivated throughout his undergraduate degree, as well as something that inspired the entirety of his Signify 2023 project. Post graduation, Tarik hopes to find work in a creative and dynamic workplace that allows for skill growth and development in the realm of communication or tech. Outside of academia, Tarik is an avid fountain pen collector (Lamy Safari lover) and jogger – with hopes to do his first half marathon this October.

Research Summary

This research project hopes to explore the means in which articles discuss the notion of exercise, and whether the glorification it receives is warranted. The methods of this research include; article title compilation, LIWC text analysis, confirmation/rejection of common discourses (respectively). Building upon the positive correlation that is likely the outcome of comparative research – the “final product” will be a universally applicable (unofficial) prescription for TMU students on how to get the most out of exercise. Emphasis on TMU students is vital, as the experiences and atmosphere of the downtown Toronto core differs from any other. Ultimately, the recommendations within this prescription will be; education (knowledge [ie; correct form, recovery techniques, etc]), consistency, as well as EDI (Equity, Diversity and Inclusion).


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