Gender Bias & Awareness at TMU

Gender Bias & Awareness at TMU

Caitlin Obertreis


Caitlin is a fourth-year student in Professional Communications at Toronto Metropolitan University. She is minoring in Public Relations and Communication Design. As a communications student, I have honed my skills in persuasive writing, public speaking, and media analysis, while my design minor has equipped me with the tools to visually communicate complex ideas and concepts. As I look to the future, I am excited to use my skills and passion for both communications and design to create impactful and meaningful work that makes a difference in the world.

Research Summary

For this project, I explored gender bias awareness and attitudes surrounding gender bias among students at TMU. I aimed to gather an understanding of the culture and attitudes toward gender bias at TMU. I wanted to explore my peer’s understanding of gender bias and its prevalence on campus. I sent an anonymous survey to my peers to explore these attitudes. The survey consisted of ten questions that gathered an understanding of what gender and gender bias are. As well as an understanding of the relationship between gender bias and campus life. After analyzing the data, I was able to conclude that overall, most students do not feel safe regarding gender bias on campus. The majority believe that TMU reflects its values of being inclusive and diverse, but has not necessarily implemented enough measures to combat gender bias on campus. Considering the other data, this is likely in relation to safety on campus.


Gender, Education, Student Life

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