How has social media impacted our consumer behaviour?

How has social media impacted our consumer behaviour?

Megan Little


My name is Megan Little and I am graduating with a Bachelor of Arts Honour in Professional Communications with a specialization in Communication in Design at Toronto Metropolitan University. I moved to Toronto four years ago from Vancouver, BC to pursue my undergraduate degree and expose myself to the opportunities and experiences that downtown Toronto offers. I am passionate about media design and I hope to pursue a career in digital marketing, specifically in the field of fashion.

Research Summary

For my project I have taken a quantitative method approach to analyze secondary data through a theoretical framework on how social media has impacted our consumer behaviour. I have used secondary research to examine my specific research questions drawn from economic as well as behavioural and psychological sources. These studies have acted as the foundation of my research however I have expanded on these theories with my own observations in the media to further my argument.


Social Media, Consumers, Behavior

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