The Impact of PCEPA on the Lives and Livelihoods of Sex Workers

The Impact of PCEPA on the Lives and Livelihoods of Sex Workers

Salematou Camara


Salematou Camara is in her fourth year of Professional Communications at Toronto Metropolitan University. Reading, watching old movies, planning events for small businesses and creating lifestyle content are a few things she enjoys to do in her spare time. Once she graduates, she plans to take a year off to travel the world and create content, then hopes to work in the media industry, preferably in Public Relations or Marketing.

Research Summary

The research examined the harmful effects of criminalizing sex work in Canada, specifically through the PCEPA. This study examined PCEPA’s impact on sex workers’ safety and working conditions. In criminalizing sex services, the law stigmatized sex work, leading to abuse and exploitation by law enforcement of those who work in that field. I used qualitative and quantitative data collection techniques, including statistical analysis and literature reviews, to explore this. By using secondary data from news articles and government reports, I evaluated the prevalence of violence and exploitation in the sex work industry before and after the passage of PCEPA. In my study, I compared the rates of violence and exploitation reported by sex workers before and after the introduction of the PCEPA, while in my qualitative analysis, I identified common themes and trends across sources, such as the association between criminalizing sex work and increased violence.


Sex Work, Law, Society, Culture

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