The Development and Effectiveness of Post-Secondary Clubs

The Development and Effectiveness of Post-Secondary Clubs

Josh Bourgaize


My name is Josh Bourgaize. I’m currently finishing my 5th year and Toronto Metropolitan University and will be graduating this June. Throughout my time here, I’ve prided myself on my involvement in the TMU community. I joined the TMU Esports Team and I’ve been helping to run their social media accounts since my 2nd year. I’ve also joined the debate club, various hobby clubs and I’ve started both a board game club and a movie club outside of TMU. It’s not an understatement to say that clubs are something that I hold in high regard. I host a radio show called What’s New CJRU on CJRU, the TMU radio station. I spend my time on this show talking music, reviewing Toronto news and finding new ways to get excited about daily life.

Research Summary

This study is fuelled by my love for extra-curricular clubs. I’ve found through personal experience that TMU clubs have been on the decline within the last few years due to the shift to online in 2020, as well as various other factors. As my last act before I leave TMU, I’m hoping to find a way to help club leader’s reinvigorate the environment of their clubs. I’ve used a survey and questionnaire that I distributed to find current issues with clubs, and used external sources to validate possible solutions.


Student Life, Education, Culture

Lightning Talk

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