News Framing of Technological Surveillance in a Digital World

News Framing of Technological Surveillance in a Digital World

Alexandro Di Cesare


Alex is a 4th year ProCom student with 10+ years experience in the customer service industry. His professional interests include health communications, public relations, journalism, and design.

Research Summary

This research project uses news framing theory, exemplification theory, and qualitative content analysis to assess news media’s attitudes toward technological surveillance. The research was conducted with a data set of 40 articles from various news sources. Articles examined were written between 2013-2023. The data was looked at qualitatively to create a system of codes from scratch, which were later condensed into major themes present in the data set. These themes were then looked at quantitatively to assess their significance in the data set. The framing was consistent throughout the data set. This is to say that the framing of the issue did not change, even if the themes evolved over time. Despite offering some praise for the affordances that technology provides us, the issue of technological surveillance was, ultimately, framed by news media in a negative way.


Surveillance, Society, Media

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