Gen Z & Work: Analyzing How Gen Z is Shaping the Modern-Day Workforce

Gen Z & Work: Analyzing How Gen Z is Shaping the Modern-Day Workforce

Kimberly Tattersall


Hello, my name is Kimberly Tattersall. I am a fourth-year student finishing my undergrad in Professional Communications at Toronto Metropolitan University. I have also completed a double minor in Fashion Studies and History. My interests lie within these areas of study but also extend to areas of business and the shared experiences of my peers. As I head toward graduation and prepare to enter the workforce I have become more and more fascinated with these thoughts. This is what inspired the subject of my Capstone project, Gen Z & Work; Analyzing How Gen Z is Shaping the Modern-Day Workforce.

Research Summary

The research I conducted for my Capstone project included a combination of personal observations and quantitative research. To begin I did an in-depth analysis of employment social sites. These sites included LinkedIn, Indeed Jobs, and Glassdoor. By focusing on postings created by and targeted toward the Gen Z populations, I was able to pick up on various trends. Glassdoor was especially valuable in outlining the negative and positive experiences of Gen Z in the workforce and provided clear reasoning in form of anonymous reviews. Later I conducted quantitative research and latent content analysis in numerous academic journals and research studies. The information I gathered from the social media observations guided which areas of focus required deeper investigation. The findings can be broken down into three answers. Firstly, Gen Z prioritizes their mental health within workspaces. Secondly, Gen Z recognizes the diversity of work environments. And finally, Gen Z seeks out flexibility within workplaces. These are all influenced by a list of social and economic stressors, that are unique to the Gen Z experience.


Lightning Talk

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