Influencing Marketing: The Influence & Power Over Consumers

Influencing Marketing: The Influence & Power Over Consumers

Amy-Louise Hislop


Hi! My name is Amy-Louise Hislop, and I am a fourth-year Professional Communication student here at Toronto Metropolitan University. I have an interest for social media, marketing, and the influencer industry. I am a creative, organized, and detail-oriented individual with experience in digital marketing, social media management, and branding.

Research Summary

In today’s digital society, we see more and more brands utilizing social media influencers to share their products and create campaigns to boost sales. Given the ongoing digital space, we have seen influencers have the ability to completely sell out specific products within hours of posting them on their platforms. However, is this the case with all influencers? With all types of products? In all different niches? Employing research, I will be digging deeper into the industry of influencer marketing from the perspective of the influencer, as well as both the consumer and brand. Through my findings, I intend to uncover the true power of influencer marketing, and how this new marketing strategy has a direct impact on consumer buying behaviour, as well as the brands involved.


Social Media, Marketing, Branding

Lightning Talk

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