How Social Media Promotes Toxic Productivity

How Social Media Promotes Toxic Productivity

Hafsa Khan


Hafsa Khan is a fourth year Professional Communication student who plans to pursue a career in HR, public relations, or digital media. Her interests revolve around strategic branding, as well as creativity, advocacy, technology, and project coordination. She currently works as a program coordination assistant for a non-profit organization that aims to help racialized children and youth dealing with disabilities. She hopes to continue within the media industry while finding opportunities to help people in a meaningful way.

Research Summary

The purpose of this study was to understand the role social media plays in promoting toxic productivity. Toxic productivity can be defined as the unfair expectations we place on ourselves to remain constantly productive, which can lead to feelings of guilt, restlessness, and as though we are not enough. Many working and studying individuals, including myself, face this dilemma.


Social Media, Behavior

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