How Music Evokes Social Harmony in Germany.

How Music Evokes Social Harmony in Germany.

Olivia Patrick


Olivia Patrick is a fourth year Professional Communications student, minoring in public relations. She enjoys outdoor activities and devotes her time to art, cooking, friends and family, and her love of music. Olivia hopes to pursue a career that involves health communication as she has a passion for health promotion and education where she can assist in strengthening health literacy.

Research Summary

This research aims to explore how music has evoked and continues to evoke social harmony in German society, culture, and politics. This research was conducted to understand how music was used as a form of expression that people could emotionally connect, call to action certain political and social issues, and reshape human connections through the use of music. In addition, this research aims to reflect upon how significant music was in reshaping Germany after the The Cold War and World War II.


Music, Society, Culture

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