Social Perception of Asian Stereotypes in Netflix Originals

Social Perception of Asian Stereotypes in Netflix Originals

Thu Nguyen


Thu Nguyen (she/her) was born and raised in Vietnam. In 2019, she decided to pursue Professional Communication at Toronto Metropolitan University in Toronto, Canada. Over the past four years, she has developed a profound interest in live events and media production. She has gained experience in various fields, including events and educational development. Thu aims to obtain a master’s degree and become fluent in one additional language in the next five years.

Research Summary

This capstone project discusses Asian and Asian American stereotypes in Netflix Originals. In addition to qualitative content analysis, stereotypes of Asians in Netflix movies and series are revealed based on the stereotype content model. It also explores the social perception of Asian representation, resulting audience’s emotions and reaction toward Asian protagonists on screen. This research is significant as it helps reinforce diversity and inclusion in the film industry, wherein people of colour used to be portrayed with a great deal of false representations.


Race, Entertainment

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