The Politicization of Cyberspace: A Study on Social Media Use and Political Affiliation

Julia Marr


As a 4th-year ProCom student, I am so excited to be sharing my research findings at Signify 2022. My capstone project incorporates my interests in political communications, discourse analysis, and online subcultures. In the future, I wish to explore professional communication work in conjunction with law and social justice.

Research Summary

This study seeks to better understand the correlation between social media use and political affiliation. Survey questions and analysis make reference to the 2021 Canadian federal election, a snap election that made voters and candidates rely on digital communications due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Findings from this study will allow political organizations, researchers, academics, and others to better understand the importance of social media messaging. In addition to, providing insight into social media messaging as it relates to political movements, online subcultures, and candidacy campaigns. This study mixed methods paradigm survey to obtain numerical and textual data.


politics, social media

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