Teaching Society: The Impact of Education on Gender Inequality

Nicole Bembenek


Nicole Bembenek is a new graduate effective June 2022, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree at Ryerson. Nicole, born and raised in Toronto (Etobicoke, to be precise), is majoring in Professional Communications and minoring in Family Supports and Community Practice.

She has a passion for creating meaningful relationships with diverse individuals and is dedicated to driving the best possible results. Nicole’s bilingual skills pride her on multi-cultural experiences and adaptability. She aims to take her knowledge into the working world surrounding social media marketing.

Research Summary

The study seeks to address social norms and the perpetuating beliefs that men are dominant in society. The research investigates and tackles how gender inequality can be optimized through post-secondary education. Through qualitative and quantitative aspects, the research achieves these findings. Exploring this relationship determines developments that can be made in today’s environment.


gender; inequality; education

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