The Effects of Social Media on the Mental Health of Young Adults

Julia Darrah


Julia Darrah is a fourth year student majoring in Professional Communication with a minor in Public Relations at X University. Born and raised in Toronto, her passion for the arts and creativity have been driving forces in her education and career goals from a young age. Upon graduation, Julia hopes to begin her career in Social Media Marketing and Advertising, while also fulfilling her dreams of travelling the world.

Research Summary

This research project sought out to gain insight on the ways in which social media can affect the mental health of young adults. As the use of social media in daily life continues to grow, it is becoming increasingly important to observe and monitor the ways in which the mental wellbeing of users can be impacted. Social media usage has been linked to an increase in mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, and feelings of inadequacy about ones life and appearance. Through the use of qualitative and quantitative data collection methods, the goal of this project was to investigate and analyze the effects of social media on the mental health of young adults based on usage and content consumption.


social media, mental health

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