The Impacts of Orientation Programs on University Student Life

Andy Ye Jun Lee


Andy Ye Jun Lee (he/him) was born in South Korea and moved to Toronto when he was two years old. Along with his major in professional communication, he is interested in telling compelling stories with data. A passion exercised in his current role as an RU Student Affairs Data Storyteller, where he collects and analyzes students’ orientation experiences, forming that data into recommendations reports for stakeholders across the university. He aims to secure a position in the communications industry where he’ll be able to research and collect data and translate that into compelling articles, podcasts, and videos.

Research Summary

This research project examines student experiences with orientation programming at Ryerson University and how exposure to it, or lack thereof, can impact the quality of student life. The research aims to explore what positive impacts orientation has on students and address the barriers that keep students from experiencing this program. This project involves a current ongoing survey distributed out to Ryerson students with primarily closed-ended questions to learn about their exposure to orientation week at the university or lack thereof and allow them to talk about how it has impacted their student life. Furthermore, this process involves data analysis of the “RU 2021 Orientation Event Feedback Survey,” distributed in 2021 during RU orientation with over 900 responses on student experiences with orientation events.



education; student life; confidence; preparation

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