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Anna Freeman


Anna Freeman (she/her) was born and raised in Mississauga, Ontario. She has always had a passion for communications and digital marketing. Presently, she is completing her degree in Professional Communications and minoring in Public Relations. Additionally, Anna has gained experience in internal communications, social media management, strategic marketing and much more. She hopes to continue developing her professional skill set and plans to relocate to Toronto to expand her range of opportunities, accomplish career goals and focus on self-development.

Research Summary

Right Swipes seeks to address modern-day relationships and the uprise of innovative technology that alters the ways in which humans connect, interact and form relationships. Nowadays, every aspect of daily life has transitioned to the digital space. Dating culture is one of many aspects that is continuously changing, due to the emergence of online dating, technological dependency and virtual profiles. These innovative apps have become widely loved or hated among users and continue to rise in popularity among GenZ and Millenial populations.

This research study will address, aspects such as genuine/shared connection, user confidence and intimacy expectations. The objective of this study is to understand if the creation and integration of dating apps are beneficial or harmful when it comes to dating culture and human connection.


Dating apps; Modern relationships; Technology Impacts

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