Procrastination During Zoom University

Kathleen Carson


Hi, my name is Kathleen Carson and I’m a fourth year undergraduate student studying Professional Communication at X University. I’m 22 years old born and raised in Ottawa, and decided to move to Toronto five years ago for my undergrad. In my off time I love to explore the city and its hidden eateries, spend time outside, and draw. I have a huge passion for the arts and a deep love for film. Fun fact, before I was in ProCom I was in Film Studies here at X University. After graduation I hope to pursue a career in the film industry one way or another.

Research Summary

In March of 2020, academic institutions switched to online learning as the COVID-19 global pandemic began to surge. As such, this study aimed to analyze procrastination tendencies among students attending Zoom university by¬† evaluating four factors: environment, motivation, perceived competence, and time management. Students were asked to complete a survey evaluating their relationship to each factor using a likert scale. In addition, a focus group was also conducted to evaluate students’ phenomenological relationships to procrastination during online learning. Findings indicated that the factors that most influenced student’s desires to procrastinate were motivation and environment.


education; university; learning; zoom; procrastination; student; psychology

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