The Future of Immigration and Refugee Policies in Canada

Mursal Asadullah


Hello everyone, my name is Mursal Asadullah, and I am a fourth-year professional communications student. I am interested in government relations and studying the importance of immigration and refugee policies in Canada. I am very passionate about this topic because I have faced various challenges this year, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the crisis in Afghanistan, which have significantly impacted my family and me. As an immigrant myself, I am interested in the future of Canadian immigration and which political party can offer more promising immigration and refugee policies in the interest of Canadians. I always look forward to the Canadian Federal Elections to see which federal party is deserving of the title and which leader will create better change for the country and Canadian citizens as a whole. Overall, I’m a proud Canadian citizen and hope for the brightest future for this nation and its people.

Research Summary

This research aims to examine Canada’s immigration and refugee policies. There is a comparative analysis of how federal prime ministerial candidates from the Liberals, Conservatives, and New Democratic Party (NDP) strive to improve immigration status and refugee policy to the greatest advantage of Canadians. Additionally, evaluate the plans for Canadian immigration to help the nation grow and thrive. There has been an online survey conducted for Canadian students at Ryerson University based on their attitudes toward Canadian immigration policies and their preference on which political party they believe can offer better immigration and refugee policies in the interest of Canadians. This research will be beneficial for academia and society to get an idea of the immigration and refugee policies placed by Canadian politicians. I believe Canadian federal politicians can benefit from this information by incorporating students viewpoints and consider students attitudes towards immigration and refugee policy.


Immigration; Refugees; Canada; Politics; Election; Future;

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